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Beka and Anna

Read about Beka and Anna and the birth of the vision they share.
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The Farm

The farm is the genius of Beka and Anna...
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The Boys

The story that will rock you to your core, and melt your heart...

Wongani's Hope

The vision and the progress...


Providing a home and much needed love for children who are orphans and those who need a foster home.

Empowering families to become self-sufficient by providing the necessary supplies needed to raise their own food as well as the information they need to be successful.

Providing necessities such as formula, soap, blankets, lotion, sugar, salt, clothing and medical care for infants and toddlers whose families are willing to love and care for them, but are in need of some basic supplies.


  • Even though Wongani's Hope is not yet up and running there was a situation brought to our attention involving a little girl named Naomi. She was an orphan being raised by her grandmother. Her Grandmother loved and cared for her as best she could, but she lacked many of things she needed. Wongani's hope provided formula, diapers etc. and even put a roof on their hut. Naomi is now thriving and is a happy, healthy, adorable little girl.
  • Wongani's Hope began because of a little boy named Wongani. Wongani and his brother Pete were adopted by the founder of Wongani's hope and are now living in the United States and thriving in every way, but the hope of Wongani's hope continues. Not all can be adopted and come to the US, but all can be helped and all can make a difference for the future.

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Current Needs

That God will provide for all the things needed to get Wongani's Hope up and running

Contributions needed to help us in our mission.

We dug and paid for a well, but now the well needs to be repaired - Cost - $1000.

We bought and paid for land which we now own free and clear, but we must now put a building on it or lose a big section of our land to the city - Cost for a foundation - $30,000 - For the whole building $150,000.

Until now everything has been moved by hand (or on someone's head) or we have had to rent a truck. We need our own truck - Cost - $8000.

Seed and Fertilizer - Our crops sustain the staff involved in building Wongani's Hope and provide a means to earn money that can be used toward our mission - Cost - $500.



The VisionChanging the next generation

After experiencing the heartbreak of seeing children fall through the cracks, ending up neglected and abused, we decided something had to be done.



Realizing traditional handouts are not solving the problem and in fact perpetuating it, we wanted to promote change by living and teaching self-sufficiency.


We bought land in 2010, built a small house and planted crops, to feed staff and the children in our care, reducing the need for outside donations.

Wongani's Hope

The farm is becoming all we hoped it would be and will provide the resources needed to move forward with our mission.